Who Knew Global Pandemics Generate Great Memes?!

In the midst of global pandemic, it is reassuring that we as a species have not lost our sense of humor. In fact, the memes being generated out there in Isolation Land have been genius.

The lack of toilet paper has inspired some memorable ones:

It sure seems like it is! I have been rationing ours although we have a bidet for back up.
Of course, someone made the angry lady and cat with a TP theme.
Gen. X-ers and Boomers can find it!

My brother’s friend Wayne shared this video with us about the seriousness of the TP shortage in their neck of the woods (WARNING: Don’t watch with children around unless you are up for an awkward convo with offspring in your social isolation):

Desperate times and measures!

Things seem to be flattening out in our neck of the woods in South Carolina after the initial run on the grocery stores. (Now if only the curve on the Virus would flatten out!). The last I heard from neighbors ( from six feet away, of course) is that the grocery stores out here are reasonably restocked. I never cared to go to the grocery store in the first place, anywa

Hans would be able to do something with this and it would be delicious.

This is what’s for dinner if I’m cooking!
The struggle is real.

The pet memes are the best:


There is a lot of truth in memes:

Memes help us to find the humor in our situation:

For our airline peeps

We all know dating isn’t easy, but unsurprisingly, it just got a little harder.

Maybe if Costco hasn’t sold out, the huge odouble roll of plastic wrap may have it’s day in the sun.

Not a meme but one of my faves as a Freddy Mercury fan:


I always enjoyed memes, but I have especially enjoyed them through this sci-fi crazy weirdness that is the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. Some of them are so clever and funny and bring out the humor in what could become a humorless situation in the face of our human frailty. It gives me something to look forward to every day knowing that someone has found the funny in the weirdness.

So true!

Until next time, stay healthy and sane and keep on meme-ing out there!

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