We Got An Antibody Test!

We drove to Columbia, SC, last Thursday, to get an ARCpoint Lab to get an antibody test for COVID-19. Because Hans had an exposure on March 11th when he went to work to someone who had tested positive for the nasal swab test, we thought that there was a good chance that he (or we) may have already had it. He had some fatigue and dizziness in the days after the exposure on March 11th but before he was notified by SWA on March 18th.

Due to new COVID-19 rules for doctors office and lab visits, we waited in the truck to be called and entered one at a time wearing our masks. The lab tech was also masked and gloved. The test consisted of a finger prick (painless) and then the blood was dotted onto a plastic tray that looked like a pregnancy test. Also like a pregnancy test, there was about a 10 minute wait for results.

Screen Shot 2020-04-22 at 8.25.22 AM
The website for Biotest Company in Hangzhou which made the COVID-19 antibody test we took.


The website for Biotest Company in Hangzhou which made the COVID-19 antibody test we took.

Why would we wish that we had already had this awful virus? Well, if we had it already, in theory, we wouldn’t have to worry about getting it again any time soon because we would have acquired immunity. Although there are reports coming out of Korea that would indicate otherwise. Also, if we tested positive for the antibodies, we would have had a very mild case of it as seems to be the case for many people who contract it.

But most importantly,  we would not have to worry about unknowingly spreading the Virus to other people. Although this is not a given, either.

Because this virus is so new and scientists haven’t had a chance to study it, there is just so much that isn’t yet known.

Also, it really isn’t clear how well these antibody tests work. According to the local health department in Laredo, TX, the antibody test they were briefly using “had a reliability of about 20%.” So, the $70 each we paid to ARCpoint may have been a glorious waste of money. Also, as you can see at the bottom of the page with the info about the test, it says that “this test has not been reviewed by the FDA.”

Going forward, we will assume we have not had it and will continue to take reasonable precautions such as washing our hands and using homemade hand sanitizer(I use vegetable glycerin instead of aloe vera) and wearing masks when we go in public to protect other people from us as I will continue to fly when we get back to Colorado.

All masked up!

I do believe that this virus will prompt many people to become more conscious and intentional about their health. We have been on our own health journey for many years now and health is something we are passionate about. I will write more about our health journey in future posts.

For now, thanks for reading and be safe, peaceful and well.


2 thoughts on “We Got An Antibody Test!

  1. Hans and Paula, thanks for your reply on this and your thorough depiction. You have done all that you can do. I really believe it’s time to get back to what I would call a ‘new normal’. I would ask anyone who has concerns about contracting it or receiving it from another person, “what are you doing to practice good health and wellness, supporting your immune system, and general good hygiene as recommended by the CDC (which should apply as well for keeping from getting the flu every year)? And, if you are conscious about these things, you are doing the best that you can do for yourself and others around you. Go out and live life and move forward! (and take care of your elderly loved ones)!

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    1. Thank you for commenting, Debbie! We look forward to seeing you in CO this summer, neighbor! ❤️

      Yes. Everyone is going to have to do what they must do in light of their health concerns. I have friends that will not be able to return to work because they are at risk. I will have to quarantine for 14 days before I visit my Mom in TX.

      It is just what we must do until there is herd immunity or a vaccine. Herd immunity is 80% so probably a vaccine will come before that happens.


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